Powder Coating & Textured Finishes
A.T.M. for metalwork coatings & finishes

Powder Coating & Textured Finishes

A.T.M. for metalwork coatings & finishes.

As we are a welding and fabrication company we
frequently require finishes and coatings for our own
workload items also for our clients metalwork items.

We offer a full range of basic finishes and coatings.
Like humble Red Oxide/phosphate pretreatment paint
and top-coat colours applied by roller or by spray gun
to metal components also structural beam & pipe work
for the construction industry and other sectors alike.

Our Powder Coating service offers the full range of
standard smooth ‘RAL’ colours, also textured finishes.

You will find our service is fast and our rates highly competitive in and around Kent and the South East.

Special powder coat finishes like Bronze Copper Gold and Chrome including an artistic hammered effect are available on request.

Our coating services are most popular with many local Kent Businesses as well as motor vehicle restorers and individual classic vehicle enthusiasts, we offer the general public our services too!

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