Prototype & Product Design
A.T.M. for metalwork design solutions

A.T.M. for metalwork design solutions

Working with clients and individuals at the design stage
to arrive at the correct item or product design solution.

Prototype analysis spotting weakness, floors and short cuts in the production process, reducing overall cost.

Resulting in a well designed products fit for purpose with minimal material wastage and reduce production time.

Our clients rely on our skilled knowledge and design fabrication expertise to supply their item requirements finished on time and within a set budget.

From a basic concept idea to design and prototype. Plan your product designs with All Things Metal

Working with your designs in mind:

We are quite happy to work from detailed drawings or CAD files as we are to work from scribbles on scraps of paper as long as all the detail and information are clearly readable and understandable.

We offer free design consultations and friendly informative advice.

Transforming your product design dreams in to real tangible objects.

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